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Meet Us 2

With growth comes wisdom, and we speak from a place of firsthand knowledge. We’ve changed jobs. Cities. Bodies. Had a baby, and changed bodies again. We’ve been the ones struggling to dress a wiggling infant on two hours of sleep. We’ve let clothes pile up in our closets, never to be worn again, craving a better fit, a better style. Through our experiences, we’ve grown -- and we've found a different way.

PoojaMeraki is a curated clothing collection of everyday necessities that effortlessly transitions through the changes everyone can expect -- and through the ones that are too crazy to be part of anyone’s story but your own.

From this to that.
Nothing holding you back.

We believe that everyone deserves to feel their best at all times. Our versatile pieces are made of high-end, stretch-based fabrics and premium cotton blends. So everything feels as good as it looks.

From home to office, pregnancy to parenthood, and from naptime to playtime, our closet staples are contructed with both style and comfort in mind - no compromises. So no matter what change you’re moving through, feel confident in chic clothes that just work.

Ease is everything.
So everything is easy.

Always multi-tasking? We get it. That's why we keep things simple. We believe in clothes that are easy to put on, easy to take off, and easy to wear from dawn to dusk. Really.

We’re committed to functional, figure-flaterring designs that become the effortless essentials you rely on. Our classic styles are crafted to retain their shape as bodies grow and change. And baby clothes are built for struggle-free changes, adapting to temperature shifts and moving with every wiggle and step. Plus, clean up is a breeze -- because life's complicated enough as it is.

From our family.
To yours.

We're parents. Neighbors. Friends. We’re a homegrown team of creative thinkers and doers, always looking to challenge, support, and help each other grow. Plus, we like to laugh a lot.

Our goal is to innovate, elevate, and create something better. That's why we’re incredibly thorough when it comes to quality and design. We only source, manufacture, and partner with suppliers whom we’d trust with our own family. And we consider our customers our family.