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About Pooja

Describing my wife in a few words, let alone in a single word is challenging at best. Pooja is always smiling. She is someone who believes in pouring her soul, her creativity—her all into whatever she pursues. She is purposefully and passionately driven. Intelligent. Refreshingly humble. She’s the fun, caring mother of two beautiful boys that mean the world to her. And she’s a loyal friend—one who would, and does, go out of her way to make others feel special, appreciated, and loved. In fact, she’s the only woman I know who enjoys shopping for others more than for herself!

So, in a single word, Pooja is Meraki.    

Pooja developed a keen eye for fashion at an early age, when she was exposed to the world of fabrics by her father who worked in the garment industry. His work took him to iconic fashion destinations including Paris, Milan, and Tokyo. Like clockwork, his return home always came hand in hand with a fashionable souvenir for Pooja, and an educational story to go with it.  

As Pooja grew up, her appreciation for the finer details of fashion led her to delve deeper. Equal parts observant and aware, she naturally asked questions about fabric, silhouette, and labor involved. In time, Pooja was exposed to big fashion brands firsthand, where she learned that she loved to tell cohesive brand stories and to create consumer-centric experiences.     

While pregnant with our first son, Pooja struggled to find clothes that made her feel comfortable and confident. Reluctant to sacrifice her personal sense of style for a temporary wardrobe, PoojaMeraki was born. Features of the women's line, such as stretch fabrics and flexible silhouettes, indeed work during pregnancy, but are actually designed for everyday wear by all women. The idea was simple: all-the-time style and all-the-time comfort. And, because Pooja believed in the same for our kids, we quickly grew to include wardrobe staples for a littler audience, too.

It’s been an incredible adventure to watch Pooja’s dedication, laborious attention to detail, and constant dance to strike a work-life balance. Yet, the joy that she exudes while working on PoojaMeraki makes it obvious that this is precisely what she was born to do.