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About Us

PoojaMeraki was founded by a busy woman.
A mother, wife, friend, and career professional with one main objective:
to create beautiful, sensible clothing for women who wear multiple hats.

Ease is everything.
So everything is easy.

Always multi-tasking? We get it, so we keep things simple: We’re committed to functional, figure-flattering designs that become the timeless pieces you rely on -- ones that you can easily layer and wear in various ways. And, since everything should feel just as good as it looks, our curated collection of staples are made of premium, thoughtfully selected fabrics. No compromises. Really.

Just like our fabrics, many of our styles are limited edition runs. Down to the buttons and trim, every choice is intentional because we believe that your wardrobe should be as unique as you are.

From our family.
To yours.

For us, the process is just as important as the end product. Every item in our collection is created in small batches in our home state of New Jersey to minimize waste and optimize newness. We source, manufacture, and partner with fair-labor suppliers whom we would trust with our own family. Since we consider our customers our family, we encourage you to order two sizes, keep the one that works best, and send the other back on us.

We're neighbors. Parents. Friends. Our goal is to innovate, to elevate, and to create something better. Plus, we like to laugh a lot. We’re a homegrown team of thinkers and doers. That’s why we threw the traditional rules of retail out the window.