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Building a Sustainable Foundation

by Pooja Patel April 27, 2017

textile waste statistics

We are our greatest critics. Self-criticism, we believe, keeps us humble and on our toes. We hold ourselves to very high standards and do our best to achieve them. With PoojaMeraki, those standards extend to every aspect of the brand. From the very beginning, our goal has been to create elevated essentials that are equal parts beautiful and versatile. We aim to manufacture the clothes in small batches and construct them with premium quality fabrics, employing fair labor, all while trying to minimize our impact on the environment. It is a tall order but one that is central to our core values.

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Business of Being Mindful

by Pooja Patel April 19, 2017

I almost wrote this inaugural post during the start of the new year, four months ago, when I initially set my New Year's resolution. But I knew that revealing any resolution without actually practicing it was like making a promise that I was not confident I could keep. This year, I wanted to make a conscious effort to be mindful - of how I respond under stress, of having my actions match my words, of being honest with myself.

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